I write about a variety of topics, from politics to fashion, but I describe myself as a lifestyle writer because I am in love with the idea that lives can be styled. To me, the lifestyle concept means that each day is like a block of marble, poised to be carved into the shape that pleases you most. And creative content, whether it’s a beautifully curated outfit or a set of tips presented in thoughtful prose, can help us carve out our best days.

I also write creative nonfiction, which, in a way, offers the flip side of the lifestyle writing coin. I have a Master’s in Writing Studies from Saint Joseph’s University, and I was awarded a 2017 Writing Between the Vines residency for my creative work. When I’m not writing, I’m exploring my passions for dance, travel, fashion, and history.

print 2-3000

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Let’s chat: elysehauser@outlook.com




[cover photo: ©2010 Daniel Schwen]
[photo: ©2017 Ron Espina]

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