A selection of my work.



The Best Beer and Cheese Pairings for Beginners, June 2019

9 Things to Know Before Your First Dance Class, Apr 2019

How to Disinfect Old Makeup, Apr 2019

How to Clean and Condition Your Purse, Apr 2019


Here’s Why Perfume Descriptions Are Never About Smell, Dec 2017

Sassy Slogan Tees Are Here to Stay, Mar 2017


Is Your Makeup Truly Cruelty Free?, Feb 2017

Are You Throwing Away Too Much Food?, Feb 2017

Beyond Brown Rice: Different Grains to Try, Feb 2017

10 Foods for Healthy Skin, Feb 2017

Fresh and the City: The Farm to Families Initiative, Jan 2017

12 Simple Steps to Cleaner Eating, Jan 2017

Natural Solutions For Your Skin Concerns, Jan 2017

Warming Drinks (That Aren’t Tea or Coffee), Dec 2016

Get Rid of Pantry Pests With This Simple Trick, Dec 2016

Fat’s Not the Enemy: It’s Sugar, Dec 2016

How to Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair, Nov 2016

How Castor Oil Makes (Hair) Dreams Come True, Nov 2016

“Comics Vixen” Column

Fight Like a Paper Girl, Feb 2017

Starfire #1 (2015), Jan 2017

Pretty Deadly Vol. 1, The Shrike, Dec 2016

Descender Vol. 1, Tin Stars, Nov 2016

Why Luke Cage Still Matters, Oct 2016

Deadpool vs. Thanos (Trade Paperback), Sept 2016

Harley Quinn Vol. 1, Hot in the City, Sept 2016

Suicide Squad Was Not (All) Bad, Aug 2016

Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special #8 Vol. 2, July 2016

Rat Queens, June 2016

The New Black Panther, June 2016

Multiple Warheads, May 2016

A Crash Course in Comic Books, Apr 2016

“Women in EDM” Column

An Interview with Eartha Harris, Nov 2015

An Interview with Ambrosia Bartośekulva, Sept 2015

An Interview with JES, July 2015

An Interview with Camille Cushman, July 2015

An Interview with Duelle, June 2015

Women in Electronic Music: How Far Have We Come?, Apr 2015

Heavy Music, Deep Thoughts: An Interview with Heavygrinder, Jan 2015

Sensible Reason

Book Review: Beach Story by Brian Warfield, Oct 2015

National Novel Writing Month: My First Time, Dec 2014

A Philosophical Look at the Merits of Tragedy, Nov 2014

Humanity and Society in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Oct 2014

In Defense of Biased Journalism, Aug 2014

Spirit Community Newspapers

Crime and No Punishment: How The Disputed Berks Walkway Harms Local Residents, May 2015, pg. 1

Bonus—check out Technically Philly‘s print and video story on the state of hyperlocal news in Philadelphia, featuring me as Assistant Editor of the Spirit: Neighborhood news makes a difference: state of Philly hyperlocal news.

Saint Joseph’s University Writing Studies Blog

How to Get Your Name in Print, Feb 2015

“From the Outside” Column

The Final Song, Nov 2014

Music for Smart People—Or Maybe Not, Nov 2014

The EDM College Experience, Sept 2014

Women in EDM, Sept 2014

Is EDM a Boys’ Club?, Aug 2014

A Brief History of Electronic Music, Apr 2014

Losing My Disco Biscuits Virginity, Mar 2014

Learning the EDM World, Jan 2014

HeadSpace Magazine

Diving Into the Crowd – Up Close with the Frontman of Philadelphia’s “The Jawn”, May 2014

The Counter Point Journal

Note: This paper no longer has a working website, so I’ve posted copies of my published stories here.

“Don’t Stop” Collaborating to Keep Olympia Weird, Nov 2011

Evergreen’s Budget Crisis: What Does The Future Hold?, Nov 2011


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