Creative Writing

I try to write true stories, regardless of whether or not they actually happened.



Pipe Dream, Nov 2015, pg. 20

Published in Rum Punch Press

Why I’ll Keep My Last Name, Apr 2015

Published in Femsplain

To the Kids who aren’t Popular, Apr 2015

Published in Elephant Journal

Six-Word Memoir, Feb 2014

Published in The Hawk, the student newspaper of Saint Joseph’s University.


Bioluminescence, May 2015, pg. 49

Street Light Interference, May 2015, pg. 20

Girly-Girl and D-O-G, May 2014 (digital magazine not available)

All published in The Avenue, the literary magazine of Saint Joseph’s University.


Review of Tokyo, Mar 2014

This is the review I wrote of friend and fellow writer Brian Warfield‘s short story, Tokyo, for his professional website. While I know a review does not technically count as “creative writing,” it is a review of a work of fiction, and a creative one at that.


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