Freelance writer Elyse Hauser waiting for a client meeting at an outdoor table.


“Elyse is a talented writer who consistently produces super high quality content quickly. Her articles are well researched and informative, yet flow easily and make even arcane topics interesting and accessible to lay audiences. We’ve got positive feedback on her writing from our audience, as well as lots of re-opens and shares on our mailing list and on social media. Of all the freelance writers we’ve had over the last two years, Elyse has been by far the best. I’ve personally learned a lot from reading her articles and highly recommend her.”

Jasper Kuria

Founder of Capital & Growth

“Elyse Hauser is absolutely reliable, responsive, flexible, and hits deadlines on time. As a content manager, she is everything I look for in a freelance writer. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her as a freelancer since 2017, and feel confident recommending her to anyone looking for high quality work.”

Jen Froderman

In-House Content Manager of TIS

“Elyse has been a freelance worker with The HOTH for nearly three years. She has been a pleasure to work with during this time. Elyse has provided the company with quality writing that helps not only satisfy our clients, but goes above and beyond our expectations. Elyse displays strong communication skills as well as critical thinking skills.

We highly recommend Elyse as a writer to anyone interested in an informative, professional yet entertaining style of writing. She has the skillset to cover a multitude of categories by providing SEO driven content.”

The HOTH Blogger Team

Managers of The HOTH Freelance Writing Team

“In my time as Editor-in-Chief, I met few people more meticulous, dedicated, and enthusiastic about her work than Elyse Hauser. Her kindness and skill as a wordsmith made her both a joy to work with and an asset to our team. I have no doubt that without her, The Avenue would not have succeeded. She has my abundant respect, and I look forward to a time when we can work together again.”

Jordan Heil

Editor-in-Chief of The Avenue

“Elyse’s contributions have been invaluable to me over the years. Her commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality in her work while seamlessly transitioning between the rivaling worlds of writing and editing is nothing short of badass.”

Tristan Burno

Editor-in-Chief of Urban Romance Online Magazine

“I had the privilege of working directly with Elyse. Not only is Elyse an outcome-driven and detail-oriented writer, but also she is well organized with a wealth of fresh approaches, insights & ideas. Elyse can always be counted on to meet and exceed expectations, as well as make her deadlines. Her outgoing and easy-going personality is an asset, which makes her a pleasure to work with.”

Jennifer Padova Gallagher

Founder of GoPaperboy

“Elyse Hauser edited my personal statement for my clinical doctorate application. Her assistance and guidance was practical and professional. I am proud to say I was accepted into the doctorate program at Creighton University. I am grateful for her knowledge.”

Angela Bockbrader

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

“Elyse was a reliable and committed tutor during the time we worked together at Center for Literacy. She brought a warm, engaging teaching style to her classes, and was always available to offer extra support to students who needed it. Her patience and sense of humor was a benefit to the classroom. I would gladly recommend her for future teaching or tutoring opportunities.”

Jo Ann Fishburn

Reading Specialist at Center for Literacy